Phillipe Gundermann

Dear PM Colleagues,

I am pleased to welcome you to World PM2016 here in Hamburg, the key world powder metallurgy event this year. We have attendees from nearly 60 countries worldwide to attend to some 400 technical presentations and keynote speeches that will cover all of the main topics for the PM Industry and enable us to share and promote the latest developments in PM technologies and markets. Not to forget the different awards with the Thesis Competition, PM Component Awards, Keynote Paper Award and Distinguished Service Award.

Germany is famous worldwide for its automotive industry and the associated supply base. It is the home of some of the largest PM companies in Europe and through them is the largest PM products producer in Europe. Hamburg, our host city is the second largest city in Germany, Germany's frst sea port and among the top 20 container ports in the world. It has a more than 1200-year history city having been founded in the 7th century. Emperor Charles the great, one of the frst Europeans built a church in 810 called Hammaburg here in order evangelize the 'pagan north'. Along its way it became the cradle of the famous Hanseatic League, a defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market towns around the Baltic and the North Sea. Even today it refers to the Hanseatic League in its offcial name 'Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg - Free and Hansa City of Hamburg'. So Hamburg was always an open minded international city. Today it hosts large corporations like the Airbus plant with a dedicated airport and Lufthansa also runs its central technical location here. Hamburg was heavily destroyed during the second world war but it was nicely reconstructed as you will have the chance to see during this week. The fact that Hamburg is a port city, located on the river Elbe a good 100 km inland from the North Sea, gives us the chance to have our gala diner this week on boats during a harbour cruise. I am convinced that PM has a great development potential as it is lean thanks to a short supply chain, sustainable due to among others the high recyclability of the components, high savings compared to conventional route, cost-effcient with high productivity and low material and low energy consumption, innovative with its design freedom, new process and new materials arising for 20 years and fast growing like the Additive Manufacturing business.

It is in my eyes, of the utmost importance to promote and increase the visibility of the high level of techniques, processes and innovations all over the PM supply chain globally for that I thank you for joining us here in Hamburg and sharing this vision.

The EPMA Board and Council and myself are looking forward to meeting you all during the congress: in the technical sessions, at the exhibition and also during informal meetings and social events, where we will continue to learn about the techniques, trends and news in our industry and discuss the latest opportunities and developments together. We hope many of you will be able to join us for the EPMA Member Meet and Greet on Tuesday to learn more about the benefts of EPMA Membership, whether you are a long standing or new member, or are considering membership. Do not hesitate to visit the EPMA booth and learn about the transversal projects that are hosted by EPMA like the Design for PM online learning tool, the Global PM Property Database, the EFIPRO project or the new AM motion project.

Welcome to Hamburg!

Mr Philippe Gundermann
EPMA President

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