Global Trends in HIP Technology for PM


Prof Christoph Broeckmann
Prof Christoph Broeckmann
(RWTH Aachen University, Germany)


Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) contributes to the powder metallurgical production of complex shaped components made of innovative materials:

  • Alloys that cannot be produced by other methods
  • Combinations of materials in composite structures
  • Composite materials
  • Materials with extraordinary strength, wear and corrosion resistance

The options HIP is offering to the PM community are going to be continuously extended, developed and improved all over the world. 

This special interest seminar will give an up-to-date review on trends in HIP technology, presented by competent speakers knowing the HIP activities in America, Asia and Europe from their daily business

Prof Stephen J Mashl

Recent Advances in the North American HIP Industry and Challenges for the Future
by Prof Stephen J Mashl, Michigan Technological University, United States of America

This presentation will review current activity within the North American HIP Industry with emphasis on the past 5 years, paying specifc attention to new powders, advances in equipment, innovative applications and novel business models. Recent developments in standards and codes will be put forth and the impact of those evolutionary changes discussed. New equipment installations will be reviewed and growth within the HIP industry with respect to past years will be considered. The latest technical advances and their relative import will be presented. In addition to analyzing recent events, the speaker will compare the current state of the HIP industry to other metal parts making processes. This comparison will indicate specifc strengths and weaknesses of the HIP PM industry, providing insight into where future efforts might lead to continued growth.

Mr Itaru Masuoka

Recent situation of HIP in Asia
by Mr Itaru Masuoka, Kobe Steel, LTD., Japan

The presentation is focused in the recent situation of HIP in Asia and will consider HIP market difference between Japan, Korea and China, the trend of the HIP market in Asia, safety regulations of HIP in Asian countries and newly developed HIP in Japan.

pdf Recent Situation of HIP in Asia (4.84 MB)

Dr Johan Hjärne

Trends in the Development of HIP Usage and HIP Equipment in Europe
by Dr Johan Hjärne, Quintus Technologies AB, Sweden

First introduced to manufacturing of powder metal tool steels and castings four decades ago HIP technology follows the manufacturing trends and is currently the only way to eliminate internal voids in powder based additively manufactured parts. Today, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is standard practice to improve the material properties of parts for demanding markets, like aerospace and medical implants, where metal additive manufacturing (AM) is rapidly taking hold. However, to be as cost effective and flexible as possible HIP technology has developed towards including more process steps into the HIP system and today a modern HIP system can apply stress relieving, pore elimination and quenching directly in one cycle. In addition to traditional HIP:ing for gas atomized powders recent test results show that it is possible to produce fully dense sinter PM components using water atomized powders and HIP:ing. With advances like these, HIP technology will expand its area of use and continue to play a vital role in the powder metal production route.

pdf Trends in the Development of HIP Usage and HIP Equipment in Europe (1.99 MB)

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