A Global View on Metal Injection Moulding: Case Studies from Asia, Europe and North America


Prof Frank Petzoldt
Prof Frank Petzoldt
(Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany)

Dr Bruno Vicenzi
Dr Bruno Vicenzi
(Clayver srl, Italy)

In a world of constant advance in technologies and products, the MIM technology can defend the position as a modern, successful and cost-effective production method with ever increasing output numbers. On occasion of the World Congress, the world’s MIM community will once again meet in Hamburg and this Special Interest Seminar will focus on the essential success factor: real, commercial MIM parts, i.e. case studies of interesting manufacturing examples. In order to give a good cross section, case studies of parts will be presented from the three main manufacturing (and market) areas, that will be Asia, Europe and North America. All talks will be given by industry experts and there will be time for discussion among the audience and with the speakers, so that the participants may be able to obtain a global view of the Metal Injection Moulding business.

Mr Manuel Caballero

Europe: MIM case studies from MIMecrisa
by Mr Manuel Caballero (MIMECRISA/ECRIMESA, Spain)

Flexibility in production regarding complex designs, materials, part and batch sizes as well as a fast answer to market and the need of use complementary internal and external processes are a must for the European Metal Precision Industry. A view from ECRIMESA group and some MIM examples made at MIMECRISA for different application felds will be shown.

pdf MIM Case Studies from MIMecrisa (6.81 MB)

Mr Matteo Perina

Europe: Hadfield Steel by MIM: An Industrial Application
by Mr Matteo Perina (MIMEST spa, Italy)

A full material characterization of a Hadfeld steel obtained by MIM confrmed its ductility and strain hardening properties and opened the possibility to evaluate an industrial application. A "Defender" key lock was fabricated for a security door producer, exploiting the properties of this Manganese steel: diffcult to drill, hard to break. The presentation deals with MIM production peculiarities and key performances of the component.

pdf Hadfield Steel by MIM: An Industrial Application (3.00 MB)

Mr Thomas Houck

North America: Overview of MIM in North America
by Mr Thomas Houck (ARCMIM / ARC Group Worldwide, United States of America)

Metal Injection Molding as a reliable technology for the production of complex parts is still going strong in North America.

This presentation gives a comprehensive overview on the state of the MIM Industry in North America and their challenges and opportunities.

pdf State of the MIM Industry: North America (723 KB)

Dr Peng Yu

Asia: Recent development of the MIM Industry in China
by Assoc Prof Dr Peng Yu (Materials Engineering Department, South University of Science and Technology of China, China)

Metal injection molding industry is booming in China due to the strong boost from the rapid growing consumer electronics industry. This report reviews the recent development in the feedstock materials, fabrication technologies and MIM equipment in China. Several successful cases are also shown.

pdf Recent Development of Metal Injection Molding in China (1.41 MB)

Mr Yoshiyuki Kato

Asia: Overview of MIM in Japan
by Mr Yoshiyuki Kato (Kato Professional Engineer Office, JSPM MIM Association, Japan)

Along with an overview of the latest statistics on the MIM market in Japan, this presentation will provide information about current developments in Micro MIM, the production technology of MIM of Ti-Al alloys and current unique MIM activities of Japanese MIM companies.

pdf Overview of MIM in Japan (8.00 MB)

Dr T S Shivashankar

Asia: MIM in India - Market and Case Studies
by Dr T S Shivashankar (Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd, India)

Metal Injection Molding has been growing at enormous rate in Asia and India is no exception. In this presentation, the details of various companies using MIM technology and their market are explained with interesting case studies. The advantages of doing MIM in India and the possible challenges faced by MIM companies are also discussed.

pdf MIM in India - Market and Case Studies (1.02 MB)

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